Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's 12:40am ... I'm late! 2/27 (26post)

Tonight's crop was fun ... lots of talking... with little to no cropping...but I'm OK with that. Just wasn't in the mood. We did however start the canvas project and we are ready for the morning to get them done!

I am drawing for my $40 goodie bag full of scrapping products tomorrow since I will have 5 of my blog followers here to witness the drawing. If you want a chance to win .... join as a follower of this blog by 12 noon .... I will check just before I draw!

How Handsome is my baby boy here! I know this is not a picture of the park but at 6 months your johnny jumper is a day out at the park!:) Keith is now 17 and is now a working man... as he says. He just started working at a Safeway grocery store down the street and he was ssssoooo excited on Thursday when he got his 3rd paycheck and the biggest one yet. This is when I laugh... a whopping $105.00.... can you believe it I just had to laugh and enjoy the moment. Do you remember the days when you worked your first job and the money started rolling in? WOW... time flies and now at 40 (OMG I admit it 40!)it's work, work, work and spending on necessities... not wants and bills lots of bills . YUK! As the kids get older you start to miss those moments like a day at the park,potty training, lots of firsts and my favorite~ afternoon cat naps. I thought all my first were done.... but I am starting to realize they just change. Now it's first day driving, first car, first date(not yet) and first paychecks! Gotta love those firsts!If you are just getting started enjoy the ride and Cherish every moment ... time really flies so fast!

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