Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/10 Do you own a Cricut machine?

Do you have a Cricut die-cutting system? I do! I love my Cricut! I started with the Cricut Create about 2 years ago and it was good. I got a lot of cutting done and it served its purpose. The Cricut Create mats are a bit bigger than 6 x 12 and cut about 5.5 x 11.5. Pretty basic machine usable with all the cartridges. As my scrap business grew... and my need I sold my Cricut Create and bought the Cricut Expression. The Expression has some nice added features. Cutting mats cut 12x12 and 12x24 so you can cut lots bigger! I also like there is a quantity button so if you need 6 flowers you can select 6 instead of pushing one button 6 times. There is a flip button so you can flip your project to get the image reversed for a different look. You have a "real dial size" button - this one is good because some times when you select 4 inches the image only cuts 3 inches. If you select real dial size it will cut the 4 inch size selected 4 inches. Auto fill is great when you need multiples.If you are cutting 3' hearts and need a lot of them... if you select auto fill it will automatically calculate how many will fit on the page and cut them. Center point is another great feature every time I look at my Cricut I find a new button to play with. This machine is really worth the extra money if you are still deciding on which to buy.The Expression now come in a bunch of great colors too... pink, black, I think I saw a blue and I just saw a NEW burgundy one that comes with a amazing Cake Cartridge that is nothing but WOW! Makes me want to buy another one:)
and it is exclusive to the burgundy expression.

I now have about 23 or 24 cartridges and I have a few new ones in mind to add to my collection. I thought I would share the two of them with case you haven't seen them.

New Paisley Cartridge has some of the cutest cuts.... bugs,monkeys,frogs,mushrooms, owls, shoes, purses, makeup, cell phone, ipod, paisleys and just about every thing else we need for our girl pages. My daughter is 14 so she is a bit out of the fairies and princess stage. This one is perfect!

New Sweet Treats Cartridge is perfect for that sweet tooth we all have. Has everything you need for birthday,and some summer treats too. I love all the birthday numbers with candles. I don't scrap to many birthday pages I don't know why maybe this cartridge can inspire me to do more.

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  1. you always do such a good job of actually using your cricut too!