Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/10 What a crazy day....

Dave called me today and rocked my world. He has worked for Precision Cast Parts for
years and traveled on and off. That is how we ended up in South Carolina. He traveled there for work for over a year before we decided to move. Today he says there is a chance he could be in Germany next week. WITHOUT ME! I can't believe it!
He has Jury Duty next week he will have to get out of and he will have to take Monday to go to Seattle to get a passport and that will cost a lot since it is a rush. Lots to iron out so there is probably a 50% chance he won't go. But OMGosh...
I was born in Germany and visited in 1988 and I have family there .... I think I should go ... don't you?
Well I am sure they won't pay for a spouse.... but one can dream :-)

Back to scrapbooking....
Find a layout you like and simply switch papers and create a totally new look. Which one do you like better? I think if you saw them even in the same album if they weren't side by side you wouldn't even notice they were the same.


  1. Wow! I'm sure you would be very have always seemed connected back there. Well, I hope they are a great company with good policies on spouses accompanying!

    This is a layout I have not tried, but would be perfect for some of the paper sets I love, but have no idea what to do with them, so they've been in my bag forever!

  2. I definitely think you should go!! Then you could set up a crop and we could all come and do it there with you. Think of the inspirations you could get there. Maybe you should have your passport on the ready! Great visual on the two layouts. Different way to look at things.

  3. Well I am sure .... positively sure I am not invited to go. Dave asked and his boss said only those with visual inspection certs get to go. I said what about vision impaird due to my crappy pcc time in South Carolina does that count. Unfortunatley NO! I am hoping he gets to go even if it is with out me. Might inspire him to go again and take us all

  4. Any yes If I won the lottery I would take you all and have a crop in Germany.One can always dream :-)