Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30/2011 busy here ... no scrappin for me! :(

It's crazy here!
Well first of all... we're remodeling a but. Mostly new floors, carpet in the house and wood in the baths,kitchen and entry ways.
On top of all of that ...
I got Pneumonia! There is a time line on when things are getting installed and
there is no time to be sick!
So, this weekend my wonderful hubby was on his own... removing
our kitchen island. I love the island ... don't get me wrong but it's HUGE!
Here are some pictures.... of what were up to...

I wish I would have gotten a better before shot but this is the start of the removal!
Here's a shot of what were looking at for space.

Abracadabra .... it's gone!

Not a lot of counter space right now but I want a movable island I can move in and out as I need it! Instead of one that is HUGE and permanent!
I will keep you ladies posted on our work ...
I am HOPING for an unveiling crop Feb. 25th - 26th or the first weekend in March.
OMG I hope before then :(
I can't wait till it's all finished!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cricut Cartridges

I Can't believe how many New Cricut Cartridges I got!
The Newest in the Cricut line
Pack your bags...

And Groovy
Are already mine!!!
I also got...
From my kitchen
Cindy Loo
and Cricut Lite Cartridges
Cherry Limeade
Slumber Party
This Brings my Cricut Cartridge count to 42!
I plan to add a few more to my collection next MONDAY 1/24 ...
Why you ask?
has cartridges as low as $16.95! Not all are
the ones we want at that price but there
is a lot of good ones that I already had ... and maybe you want them too!!!
( My favorite beach one and Alphalicious are $16.95! )
Plus NEW ones are as low
as $29.95! I don't think there is any over $30.
I order from them all the time and the shipping is reasonable
and I usually have my order in about 3 days. So if I order on Monday I
should have my order by Friday for sure!
So would you like to order a few cartridges on my order and
save on the shipping?
check out the site and let me know if there is anything that you would
like to get.... there is some NEW ones in the coming soon tab
let me know if you are interested in any of those I think I will be getting 2...
I love the formal occasions one and I am thinking about the flower one.
Maybe they will be available Monday if were lucky :)
** Also Cricut Pads are cheep there too!
If you would like to order with me let me know what you would like
by Sunday. I know I will get ...
Straight from the Nest and Tie the knot...
so, if there is any you would like let me know! :)
** as long as they are available :) Crossing my fingers!
P.S. $9.95 for a package of 12x12 cricut pads ( 2 per pkg. )

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Does anyone need
Accent Essentials for their Cricut Machine?
Jacki was shopping on ebay and accidentally bought one ... and didn't
realize she already owned it! :)
It is a great cartridge and I use it all the time!
Interested ...
Call me or email me at :
it's only $25 and she only is parting with one :)

Kit Clearance

With the New Year upon us it is time to clean house.
I am offering a special on all my kits
( available on hand only )
All kits are on
$7 Each - or - 3 for $20
That's like getting one for FREE!!!
$5 each on each kit you buy after 3 !!!
They are on a first come basis and need to be picked up asap.
Contact me for availability and arrange a time to get yours today!
Sale Dates 1/8- thru -1/18
Kits available on the right side of blog. I will try to keep a current inventory
as they sell out. There is no guarantee that kit quantities are still as shown.
Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!