Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bo Bunny Winter Joy Collection

I Know you may have seen
these layouts before...
but I have never shared what paper lines I used to create them.
So here are some recent layouts all about snow... since there
are a few flakes falling in the Portland area today!

Three Bugs in a Rug Snow Much Fun Collection

Crate Paper Snow Day Collection

Best Creastions Inc. Winter Wonderful Collection

Echo Park Wintertime Collection Layout

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!
I can't believe all the fun is over :(
and I can't believe how fast the year is
flying by.
I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday with family
and friends and I hope you can rest up and
relax and enjoy the holiday with lots of treasured memories
to scrapbook.
I totally need to scrap some myself.
Enjoy the rest of your Holiday.
Peace and love,

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is my favorite of all my gift ideas.
I have a few teens on my Christmas list... and they love movies!
So when I found these little popcorn buckets
at Target for $1 ( for 2 !!! ) I had to buy some.
I added some crinkled paper in the bottom, added some candy bar
favorites and a few other treats, plus one movie ticket.
Wrapped them up added the bow and tag and ...perfectly cute!
Cost - about $10 each
( I bought the movie tickets at Costco 2 for $15 and
all the candy bars were on sale too! )

Mini Albums

Mini Albums
make great little gifts for that someone special on your list.
I made this one for my husbands boss and his family.
It is a mini folding album and it is so easy to make.
I will try to post the directions next week.
It takes 9 sheets of 2 sided papers. And about 4-5 sheets of
cardstock. ( plus ribbons, and stickers or goodies to decorate )
It is so quick and easy... and I think a great little gift!
If you would like the directions... make sure you comment so
I WILL get you the directions BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

Treat Bags

Cute little treat bags like these...
make great gifts for co-workers, friends,and kids.
Just a little something to let them know you are thinking
of them! :)

12/18/10 CHristmas....

Christmas rush is
Keith came down with the stomach flu...
Kami has been fighting a cold...
and I am buried in
stuff to do!
Finishing up school this week was a lot
of work. There was a lot to do to get ready for
the last day.
Co-Worker gifts,
Teacher gifts,
goodies for the kids,and
friend gifts!
Well that is all done ... yea!
Then came the big push to get the
in-laws gifts out to Alabama.
Well, It's all done!
School - Done!
Alabama - Done! ( Mailed too :)
Vacation is HERE!!!! - 17 days YEaH00!!!
All that is left is my blogging that has been hanging over my head.
I have 3 little gift giving items to still share with you !!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 3 Cookie / Treat boxes



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12/14 Day Two .... Cocoa

How cute are these Hot Cocoa holders?
I saw these at a Bazaar and just had to steal the idea.

I cut a sheet of red cardstock into 5 x 10,

Scored it in half,

glued along the bottom and side ... leaving a opening at top.

Belt is 1 x 11 and wrapped around the red to make the belt.

Circles are 1 inch circles ... crimped and

then I added the buckle.

Buckle 1 3/4 inch scalloped gold with 1x1 glittered center.

Once it is all assembled ... add a cocoa package and a peppermint stick.

Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13 Gift Idea #1

With the Holidays
Just around the corner ...
I have decided this week I will blog some great
little cheap gift ideas!
Each gift will....
1. Have a scrapin' touch
2. Be low cost
3. Easy to do !!!
Today I am sharing this great little treat...
Make a bunch and
give to office co-workers ( one on each desk) ... or
Your kids classmates... or
I am using mine to put in the teachers boxes at my work ( I work at a school )
Day 1
Uses Cardstock, glue, and your Doodlecharms or Christmas cheer cartridges.....
and a pepermint patty.
Cost : Im guessing ... pennies!!!

The peppermints need to look like this... any brand. I found mine at Walmart around $2 a bag.
I turned them into these!!!

I sandwiched the patties between two cardstock circles. ( flower shaped & 2 inches ) They do sell a 2 inch punch at Michaels I used my Cricut. But if you don't have a cricut you
can use the punch and embellish with Stickers. ( That would just increase your cost a bit.)

Here is a back view that shows the shape of the circle. I used Accent Essentials
Cartridge and then wrote Merry Christmas with a white gel pen.

She went home with 36 and I had the same. I made about 16 more and still
had peppermints left over.... I only bought 2 bags!!!
This is a great project for scraps... I of course did not use scraps. ( ** I can hear
you ladies who know me laughing about that! :)
Here is the run down on cost....
Cardstock :
2 base color and - 2-3 additional colors per design made about 20 !
( Example: Cardstock 2 red, 1 flesh color, 1-2 white and 1 red )
About $2 per design in Cardstock.
Peppermints $4 ( 2 bags )
Embellished with what I had on hand / scraps ( these I do save ) $ 0.00
Total cost about $10 for 85 or so. About 11 cents each!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Crop 12/11/10

December 11th Crop
11am - 8pm
Our last crop for the year- come join the fun and make some great
make and takes for the holidays.
Bring some Christmas goodies if you like and for dinner we will all
chip in for a pizza.
Crop fee $5 RSVP!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3 Time for a winner ...

OK, it's time for a winner...
who is baking in our friendly layout competition?
Nadia's layout :

3 votes for Nadia!
2 votes for me :( oh, how my blog readers have let me down :) (just Kidding)
I lost so Nadia .... I will bake you anything you like ...
just not Creme Brulee... I don't think it would be
good. I have no idea how to make that!!!

So ... as for my goodie bag winner ...
it is :


I have a goodie for you!!!

Bo Bunny Midnight Frost Collection

Oh, how I love it!
This new collection from Bo Bunny
is so Beautiful!!!
I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Do you love it as much as I do???

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Family and Friends
are a wonderful part of the
Thanksgiving Holiday.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday
filled with peace, love, and many cherished memories
to scrapbook and carry in your hearts!
Love, Nancy

WIntertime papers from Echo Park

I fell in love with this paper line from Echo Park...

I just had to do a layout ....

And once I did that .... I was hooked!

I have to use it on my

Christmas Cards

Here is the front
I used Cricut Songbird for the font and Christmas Cheer for the Snowman.

And Just because it's me...
I had to add some fun to the inside!
Do you like???

11/24 Kami's Christmas cards...

Kamryn ( Kami )
my 15 year old daughter made her
Grandma some Christmas cards.
She made 22 all by
herself... and I think they look great!

Gingerbread man is cut using Cricut and Stretch your Imagination.

Inside card says:

We hope you have the Sweetest Christmas and New year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10 Recipe box gift idea

Need a great gift idea?
My friend Jacki and I found these wooded
recipe boxes at Craftware House for a great price.
It took a little math to get all the paper sizes but...
I think they turned out great!
I have some mini wooden spoons that I want to glue to the top
or the side of the front.
( I may still do that! )
Back View .. this paper line also had matching recipe cards.
How perfect is that?

Recipe cards
OK so I still think the project cost about $20 but if we would have eliminated
the family recipe rub on we put on the front and cut it with the cricut...
that would have saved us $7.50. YES~ $7.50!!! We didn't realize how much
they were until we were on our way home. We thought about returning them
but Craft ware house is a bit of a drive ... and this time we just went with it!
It is still VERY cute either way. I can't wait to start filling it with great recipes!

Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19 Basic Grey Marjolaine kit

Basic Grey Marjolaine page kit
I love some of the NEW Basic Grey Page kits. Only problem is
I don't like that there is little or no dimension.
A lot of the papers are all printed on one piece of paper,
so you don't actually get to layer the papers.
I like the look of the actual layers.
But How great is this page kit?
I decided I want to copy the second layout a bit.
Change it up to make it my own but
create the look, by add some dimension with papers,
flowers, buttons and ribbons.
So here is my layout ....

What do you think?

DO you like Basic Grey's version or mine?

~ Kit Available ~ $10

11/19/2010 My First Car Layout

My First Car Layout
We bought Keith a car a year and a half ago...
and I have just been putting off scrapping the memory.
The photo's were printed and I started saving memorabilia.
I had everything I just needed to do it.
I found this great template at my scrap convention and just though I would fill
it full of pictures. I didn't realize how many pictures I needed.
So I had to cut away some of page 2.
Once I did that I added his driving test and first ticket along with his permits.
( yes.... first ticket... and it was $400.00! He did great in court so the
judge gave him 6 months to keep a clean driving record with no accidents or tickets. He did so paid nothing! )
I like the finished look and as he gets older and
the moments harder to remember... I am glad
I will have this!
( I don't have any pictures of my first car, no permit,or anything
to remember my first driving experience. Do you? )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18 My Competition with Nadia

OK girls....
I just peeked over at Nadia's blog
and she is directing all her
bloggers to my site
to vote for HER!!!
Here is the bet ...
We both created a layout using the same papers...
( see them below - they are shamrock layouts )
The looser ( Nadia )
will have to bake the winner ( me :-)
a dessert of her choosing.
( I can't loose I don't know how to make Creme Brule' )
OK I am loosing right NOW so I am
upping the deal!
and I will
put all voters names into a hat and
draw a lucky winner.
( Votes for her or me ! )
The LUCKY winner ...
Will get a goodie bag with
( Value $ 30+)
SO ...
I will choose the winner on December 1st!

11/18 Simpsons Cartoon Layout

Simpson's Cartoon Layout
A couple of years ago my son Keith went to
a Simpson's movie premier
and had a blast!
I hunted and hunted for scrapbook paper
and just couldn't find it.
Some of those great characters our kids all love are impossible to
find as paper and embellishments.
I found a local lady here in Milwaukie, Oregon
that makes the cutest embellishments.
What do you think about my Simpson pages???

For $25 I got Homer, the 4 tv's and the donuts. All I had to do was add
the photo's, striped paper and the cardstock.
If you would like her information for some of those great pages you have
leave me a comment and I will get you her information.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/2010 My Minds Eye I Believe

My Minds Eye I Believe Collection
Layout and Kit.
From the moment I saw this collection at the store
I just knew what I wanted to do.
Keeping it simple to create this great this layout...
I Love the finished look.
Simple, Elegant and a definite feel for the Holidays.

MME CHRISTMAS Kits available: $10 each - 1 available

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I bought some of these Best Creations St. Patrick's day
papers last year and they have been on my to do list for so long.
So, I thought I would see what I could do with them so I took them
to the beach.
I love bouncing Ideas off Nadia.
She is always eager to take my challenge. :)

So here is the Challenge ......
you will be AMAZED!!!!
The Challenge- Each of us had the same papers. All Shamrocks and Green.
We had to create a two page layout and NOT A ST.PATRICK'S LAYOUT.

Here is two of the three papers we had.....
They are from Best Creations.

We decided to make it interesting and throw in a little bet.
The looser ( Nadia ) would have to bake a dessert for the winner. (ME :) Just kidding!
How would we know who the winner is???
You can help by voting on your favorite layout. ( Mine :) Just Kidding! (not)
What would you do..... could you think out of the box and

be creative enough to scrapbook a everyday layout with holiday themed papers???
Here they come....
you will...
LOVE ....
Love them !!!
Layout #1 Nancy's layout
Lucky Me : on the large shamrock (pg2) I used a
white gel pen and wrote:
I am so lucky I have you ... you are my lucky charm... lucky me.
( repeated all the way around )
Details: Shamrock is cut out of paper.
Do you love it?
Vote for Nancy's layout

Layout #2 Nadia's Layout

( She just had some amazing family photo's taken ... so kinda NOT FAIR ....
her photo's make the layout a winner. )

What a beautiful family!
I love that all the fonts are different.

So cute !!!
Vote for your favorite...
someone will have to do some baking :)