Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Minds Eye Stella and Rose

I love this collection from My Minds Eye... all of it. But I thought I would share what I did with the boy part of the colletion. I bought them with intentions to create a kit and then change to create pages for Craftwarehouse's design team contest. I just don't have time to get all the elements required for the entry in so I guess they are going to be just for me and I get to share them with you now!
Enjoy and Happy Easter! ( This was also a kit for those of you who were lucky and saw them as I was creating them... and so sorry all kits are already taken )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prom Layout

I bought the new Cricut Cartridge Formal Occasions, it's a must have for any parent with a junior or senior in High School! With my son graduating this June... I have lots to scrapbook!!! After buying the cartridges I always look at the book and checkout all the goodies. I wandered across a one page layout as the sample. I loved it, but I always scrapbook 2 pages. So I created their sample page and one for myself. What do you think?

This first page is the sample page in the Cartridge manual. It's super cute! All the cuts( how to ) are in the book in 4 or 5 different languages. It's kind complicated following the directions... I thought once I refered to the book it became a whole lot easier. If you are a beginner (novice) with the cricut this may be more difficult for you.

This is the page I created with a little help from my friend Jacki. I did all the cutting, she was master gluer! :)

** Note- Although this is super cute and a great addition to any book.... you better LOVE it and gotta have it before you attempt it! This took us two days to do ( we created it times 4 )Total time it took probably 6-8 hours!!! But worth it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricut Cartridges ... on SALE

I popped into Michaels today... and

guess what?

Cricut Cartridges are on sale for $34.95

for all their $59- $60 cartridges.

I really don't need any I have around 50 ... but at that price

couldn't I use just one more :)???

Well I got Paper Lace ...

What I like about this cartridge ( and it surprised me ) is

Each of the images you see here have 3 more different ones that accompany

each design button, for example the first one in the top left corner...

cuts 2 more different designs with the same button. REALLY COOL!

Plus each of the words... cut 3 different ways too! So

THANK you is 3 different looks total. There is also a font on the cartridge too!

This wasn't one I thought I wanted but I love the heart and a few on the

designs, so I broke down and decided to get it. Plus at that price

I gotta have it. ( I never pay full price )

Now that I did ... SUPER HAPPY!

** ( Gotta add if you have the cricut expressions and can cut 12x12 this cartridge cuts all those pretty lacy papers we have been paying lots of money for!!! )