Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/2010 Inspiration

Don't know what I was thinking... realized yesterday was Wednesday at about 10pm.
But WOW! the Olympics were awesome!

Where do you look for inspiration? Does it just come to you? Do you look at Internet galleries? Do you like books or magazines? Or does the paper just speak to you?

For me... I like it all! Sometimes I can find a perfect paper line that speaks to me in the store. I know exactly what I want to do with it before I ever leave the store.
Sometimes I fall in love with the paper and have no idea what in the world I want to do with it. Then I look at Internet galleries just to see what other gals have done with it and I try to take ideas from each layout and use it to inspire me.
I also like to get ideas from books and sometimes magazines.
The thing I like about magazines is they are current! They use new paper lines for layouts and use trendy tips and techniques.

I love books ... but my favorites are a series I found through Close to my Heart. You can also find them at Michael's they cost a bit more but worth it! They have 5 in
the series .... Reflections (shown above) Imagine, Cherish and 2 card ones ~ Originals and Wishes. The Scrapbook ones are $21.95 and card ones are $29.95 through CTMH at Michael's they are all $30.00.
What I like about these books is they not only show you picture layouts but they show you patterns with exact measurements. I like to look at the patterns and create the page then look at there page and compare. I really think sometimes looking at the layouts make you less creative.

Magazines ~ I like them all! They are less of an investment so if they aren't great it was only $5.00 or so. You can always find something to make it worth while too.

Having said all that ... Now I want to challenge you... and ME! I want to get a journal and start using it to save all my favorite scrapbook ideas. Like layered paper flowers or some really cool technique~ who knows. When you find a great idea put it in your journal and that way it is now your idea and your book. So next time we reach for inspiration we know where our favorites are ~ who knows maybe one day someone will be reaching for our books for inspration!


  1. You WILL have a book, or a store, or something fabulous someday! You are so talented. I have a great source for! I love everything you do:) And plus I don't have a bunch of time to invest in seeking out cute you are such a great source of knowledge!

  2. Thanks! You still should keep some of your favorite ideas in a journal so when I am not around you can look for inspiration there. Great Idea for your girl retreat crops. You can make all those other ladies jealous of your little book! :)

  3. when you're not around??? You mean I'll have to do this on my own someday? Just kidding, you are right, I should start one.