Monday, February 21, 2011

2/21 Cardstock --- Time to stock up

It is time to stock up on Cardstock!
I found this great resource at scrapbook convention last year and
its the cheapest cardstock I can find.
I buy packages of Cardstock( 25 sheets per pkg) for $5.00 ( includes. SH in price ) You have to buy each package in all one color and there is a minimum order so I put out a shout out to my ladies and we all stock up.
( Its a great time to get black, brown, white and ivory... plus any of those other
colors we use a tun of!! )
The minimum is $200 ( at the $5 price ) on the order . It is REALLY nice cardstock and at those prices it makes it 20 cents a sheet!
I usually stock up twice a year. Fall Winter colors and now it's time for Spring summer!
If you would like to order some cardstock I have swatches for color matching and I am ordering This Weekend!!! 2\26 2\27
If you would like to know where order comment below I and I will share the information. ;)

Cricut Cartridges.... at Great Prices!!!!

I have almost 50 Cricut Cartridges now and I thought I would share my
favorite place to purchase them.
for cartridges. They run on average about $20...
I have even found sales as low as $13.95! Shipping isn't to high but it does add to the cost of the cartridges, but still $20 is much better that the higher prices at Michaels. It takes about 3 days to get your order too! Can't beat that!

All the New release Cartridges run a little higher anywhere from $22.95,- $29.95 and some around $5o. I did find that they have sales often and if there is
a NEW one you want that is a little high in price... if you wait in a few weeks they will go down in price!
All in all they have a tun under $20 and I have NEVER had a problem ordering
and receiving anything! They also have the cheapest prices I have found on Cricut pads and some great deals and bundles on machines!!!!
Great resource!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MME Good Day Sunshine Collections

With Convention just around the corner for us here in Portland, Oregon....
March 25th and 26th... I have began to think that
if I am still knee deep in the remodel and unable to scrap.... that I could at least take some
time to talk scrap about some great new products that I might like to
see there. I love My Minds Eye and these are so great for summer!

Good Day Sunshine Girl Collection - ( also sold individually )

Good Day Sunshine Boy Collection - ( also sold individually )

Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/11 POPPYS

Love this layout!

Valentine layout ideas

I know I have shared these before but I am totally feeling like I am neglecting my blog!
So, since I don't have any NEW valentine layouts to share I
went through the archives and found a few of my fav's.
Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15 Update on me

Ok, I thought I would give you all a quick update as to what in the world is going on with me.

Well, We started the remodel ... and then I came down with pneumonia. David and Keith also

got sick and just when we thought Kami didn't get it... SHE DID! In all of this everyone being

sick we were still struggling through the remodel. We had to hire out ... a lot of the work, but

I am happy to say all the major work is done! We no longer have an island in the kitchen. House

is painted, tile is gone and wood floors are in its place. Upstairs is all new carpet and we are in

love with it so much the downstairs is on the way. It looks amazing. I have a few finishing

touches and tweaking before I want to share my pictures. I am also hoping by this weekend

I am lucky enough to get my scrap room back together... and scrap again real soon! :) Please

don't loose faith in my ... I promise the end is near!