Friday, December 25, 2009


Today was Christmas and I have to say it was perfect! The Kids are getting
older so they slept in till 8am. We then opened gifts... Nice and slow so we
could see what everyone got. In the past years it has always been a paper
flying frenzy. Keith scored a car stereo and a bunch of games for his Xbox.
Kamyn LOVES her new Ipod touch and her Uggs. Dave will be sporting a
whole new look. For those of you who know him he is a BIG Alabama fan!!!
His wardrobe is all red,black and grey. He has been teased by the guys at
work for his lack of color use and this year asked for cloths of a different color.
Everything fit and he should look pretty stylish! I got a NEW LAPTOP!!! OMG!!!
I am so excited. I can blog in my bed, on the couch....ANYWHERE!

I am really thinking about going through ALL my layouts from the 8 or so
albums and tuns that are not in albums and starting Jan. 1st post a layout a
day. What do you girls think? I am sure I have hundreds but I for sure want
to get a count first before I commit. In the mean time click on comment below
and tell me what you think???

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I hope yours was as great as mine
was! I almost forgot my parents came for dinner and I cooked my first prime rib
and it was perfectly cooked! Made the day even more perfect!

Merry Christmas from the new laptop :-) Nancy

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas 2009 Pages

Kit #1 $10
Kit #2 Wrapped up in December $10

There is still a few kits available if you are interested.