Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/10 PDX Scrap Convention 9/25-9/26

Ok Girls here is the scoop on the Convention today. Jacki, Kamryn and myself all set out this evening to go to the scrap convention here this weekend. I have to say I was disappointed at the size but still managed to spend over $100. :) That is always easy for me ... but Jacki barely spent $20. I probably wouldn't have spent that much but I wanted to do some great kits for my upcoming crops... so I bought times 4 ...
everything!!! ( I spent about $130 divided by 4 = so really I only spent a little over $32 ) There was NO one there... and I mean NO ONE so it was nice to really look and not have to fight for anything. It also cost $8 to get in and $6 for parking. After you take that into account .... it just might not be worth the trip.
It only took us 2 hours to go through the entire thing too.... It is really small.
They did have a vendor who sold cricut carts... really good prices. He also sold a lot of great BoBunny and other paper lines. He was the first booth I went to and the one I spent the most at.
To sum it all up. For a couple hours out its a great idea. I did see some different paper lines and I had a great time with my friend. Did I find it worth the money? That is a tough one. I think for me yes, I spent enough to make it worth my while ... for Jacki I'm not sure if she found enough treasures.
Go at your own risk and remember I told you it is small and I warned you there isn't a whole lot you can't get at your local craft store.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23 Baby Girl

I was asked to do some baby girl layouts for a co-worker... so of course I had to!
I just love babies .... and truthfully I love the papers on the baby isle. LOVE THEM!!! So here is a few of the pages I created. Notice they are not glued down. I only did one of each page so the only one getting them is the lady who is having the baby. You can still get the feel for the page ... I do think they would look better glued down and add a little ink here and there ... but I'm sure you get the idea.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrapbook Expo This Friday & Saturday!!!!

I am so excited! Scrapbook Expo is here... I love going there is always so many great finds. Lots of new products and deals on old retirees. This Friday and Saturday is the big weekend. I am going with my friend Jacki about 3ish on Friday...
taking a little cash and leaving all other means of over spending at home :)

I can't wait to share with you all the goodies I find. Maybe I will even run into a
few friends there :) .... are you going?

2010 Portland, OR
September 24 & 25, 2010

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 235-7577

Also so sorry for the lack of posts last week. Dave had a business trip in Ohio all week and had to take my laptop. I HATE the home computer it is so old and slow I usually want to throw it before I ever even get on. I did try to use Keith's one day and after the evil eye and whining I decided it just wasn't worth it and I would just wait for my baby to come home. ( I mean my laptop ... not Dave :) JK
Anyway... all is good ... baby is home... and I am back to blogging.

:) Have aq great Tuesday! Bad news ... 3 more days till Friday ... Good news...
It's not Monday!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Minds Eye Quite Contrary

Post for Friday 9/10

This layout is created using My Minds Eye Quite Contrary line. I am just loving all the purple papers out this year. This was a must have for me... the color combination is such an eye pleaser. LOVE IT!!!!

I am posting this a day early since this is the first week of school and getting up at 5;45 in the morning is killing me... I just want to enjoy my Weekend so here you girls go ~ Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Next weekend is crop weekend!!! Friday 9/17 and Sat. 9/18 RSVP :)

This is a Kit available at the next crop $10

Eerie Alley from SEI

Post for 9/9

EEK! I loved this paper from SEI .... Earie Alley. I just had to creat a layout for Halooween with it!!!
This is a Kit available at the next crop!!! $10

Next Crop date... 9/17 & 9/18 NEXT WEEKEND!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Collections from Fancy Pants

There's 4 new Paper Collections from Fancy Pants and I love them ALL! I think Lilac House is my absolute favorite. I love the color purple... I just don't know why I don't scrapbook it more often. These collection packs can be found at for $24.99 if you are like me and love them .... and gotta have them! :)
I am sure I will have to buy the tradition collection and do some great Christmas pages.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Cricut Cartriges .... a must have!

There are 4 NEW cartridges that are a must have for Halloween especially for those of you who love Halloween as much as I do. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE FRANKIE!!! I think I have more Halloween decorations than I have Christmas. Why you ask??? There is no pressure for the perfect gift. The decorations are so colorful. Plus there's tuns of candy .... and CHOCOLATE need I say more :)!!!
I just bought Mini Monsters... 3 more to go :)

Happy Hauntings $69.99

Mini Monsters $69.99

Pumpkin Carving $24.99

October 31 $24.99

Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning Curve Paper Line and Embellishments from Bo Bunny

With back to school days here.... I love this great paper line from Bo Bunny with all it's matching goodies ... I think I need to scrap some final senior year memories with this line.

9/6/10 Back To School Layout

Well Summer is officially over for me! :( We are draining to pool today and I am back to work tomorrow. What a bummer... and before we know it the holidays will be upon us. It is kind of a sad week for me ... I am sending my baby to high school.
Kamryn will be a freshman this year! She had to get her hair cut and wanted just a trim so I talked her into letting grandma do it. It was what she wanted... strait across the bottom and trim the bangs. OMG... well when we got into the car she started to tear up and said... "Mom, you can not send me to school like this!" In my mom's defense it wasn't bad ... it just wasn't what Kami wanted. Well she is all fixed up and ready for school. Then there is Keith, my son is heading into high school for his last year. A SENOIR!!! OMG where has the time gone. It seems like only yesturday he was headed off to first grade. He is driving,working lots, hanging out with girls, and talking about college... I am in a daze wondering where the time has gone. He is no longer my little boy crying when he gets a boo boo and giving those sweet little I love you mommy hugs and kisses. ( I miss those moments ) Now he is to "cool" for that and he gives high five's and see ya laters. I know everyone has to grow up ... but is it ok to still want to hold on to those little babies who needed us so much and melted our hearts?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mind's Eye - Lost and Found Layout

I ran into my favorite scrapbook hang out today and I was excited to see a TUN of new stuff. This line from My Mind's Eye is amazing. I just loved all the colors and embellishments. One glance and I just had to have it! There is only one problem.... GLITTER! I love the look of glitter but I hate finding little sparkles on my face for days after scrappin' with it. Well taking that into consideration I think a little sparkle is worth it and I dove right in. :) I was so excited about it I ran into my friend Jacki and made her get some too... then we headed back home to scrap! I hope you like the layout .... Enjoy!

OH ya ~ if you are thinking what is up with me since I haven't been posting a lot. Well my mother in-law called on Sat. and told me she was coming on Tuesday!!!! ( she lives in Alabama ) NOTHING LIKE LAST MINUTE!!! She came Tuesday a week ago and left this Tuesday. So we were busy,busy cleaning and busy,busy entertaining once she got here. My husband Dave works for Precision Cast Pasts and they are having mandatory overtime and he's been working about 60+ hours a week and had no time off while she was here ... during the time his mom was here his truck broke down and when he finally did have time he needed to work on his truck! AAAHHHHH!!!! I don't think things could have been worse for timing but the kids and I had to step up and visit, shop, and entertain her.I think she had a good trip. She left this Tuesday and Tuesday was also my first day back to work ... I am so sad summer is over :( It always goes by so fast. Only good thing is life should slow down for all of us and a regular routine would be nice.