Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/10 stole this idea ....

OK ~ I admit it... I saw this and just had to get a picture so I would remember this
project and add it to my to do list. How awesome are these!
They are artist canvas's ... they painted them a nice neutral tan/brown and antiqued the edges. Once that was done they scrapbooked on top of them. I LOVE THIS IDEA and I know it wont be long before I do it! How about you?

** Sorry they are a bit blurry I took them with my cell phone :)
They are Not made by me but they are so amazing I had to photograph them and share.

My Favorite!!!!


  1. Hey, Nadia I posted my comment before you :)
    I know you are gonna love this one....
    How long till you have this on your wall.
    I think we should get the stuff together and do this at the next crop. You me and Jacki!!!
    I KNOW she will want to she wanted me to get all the pictures!
    Is anyone else want to do it???

  2. Haha...only by minutes:) I've been waiting all night! I do LOVE it! Remember how I've been telling you I want something cute for the boy's room!?! This could be it! They canvas are really cheap at Michaels on sale...do they need to be good quality? Doesn't seem like they would need to be? I'll need your help though to make it so cute...I tend to be "done" with a project and settle. But not on this one! Help me!

  3. Totally in! I think we can get them cheeper at Craft Warehouse and I need to go there this weekend anyway. I would like to do one similar to the first one that says remember.
    I love it and so did Jacki. Do you want to do that one to start for your living room???
    I think once you make one you will be able to do more pretty easily. Either way I will totally help! I think you can do blue papers just as easily as we do browns.

  4. Ok, great! I'll think about one for my living room....but I know I want one for the boys' room!