Saturday, February 13, 2010

1/13/10 How do you scrapbook?

I am thinking today about how I scrapbook. I really have a love for the papers and the embellishments and thinking about my pictures is the last thing I do. I think that is because I know I can always sepia tone the photo's or black and white them.
That said for those of you who know me .... I can hear you laughing because you know my secret. My secret is I have very little pictures actually on pages. :) I have one album for my son (17) and one for my daughter (14) and one heritage in progress....
pictures on the pages but not complete. As for all the rest I have about 7 albums
with beautiful pages ... NO PICTURES! Plus I have a STACK... a Huge STACK of tuns of layouts... all done no pictures and no albums. I do love the papers!:)Now that I have shared my secret I am really trying to get picture on pages and pages in albums.

What do you love about scrapbooking? The paper? The pictures?

Do you find your self buying one color more than the other? Do you like a certain style? Brand?
I really like the reds and oranges and browns and I love the florals. I also think I tend to get suckered in when I see awesome paper and embellishments to match.

When you find papers you like do you buy the entire line with all the goodies or are you frugal and pick and choose?
I like to be able to have a bit of a vision when I buy the paper. (what I want to do with it) Then I buy it all and I do like to challenge myself to get as many pages as I can out of it.

Here is one of my FAVORITES and a favorite of all my scrappers. I bought this beautiful Pink Paislee line and was able to get 4 great pages out of one of each page and the punch outs. I added ribbons, flowers and bling and I really think these papers are beautiful. This is why I love paper. They are so beautiful I hate to cover them with pictures.

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  1. Nancy, I've taken up your bad habits. I LOVE the papers, and covering them with pictures just isn't the same! However, that is why I scrapbook is to have albums, so I've tried to get better...but not really. I tend to buy lines too, I never mix and match:) Pretty much, I love what you do, you are awesome!