Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/31/10 My Minds Eye Life Stories

2/28 Scrapbook Canvas Project follow up. Remember the awesome canvas I scrapped and
posted last month. If you don't let me remind you... I used the MME Life Stories collection #1 (green one ~ collection #2 is mauves)and we made this beautiful 16x20

Here is the MME complete paper collection for the Life Stories line.

Here is what I did... I loved the 16x20 so much I made 2 more! This time I made 2
small ones to complete the set. The small ones are 9x12. They really look great on the wall all together.

Here is the 16x20 the instructions and how to are on the Feb. 28th post.

Here are the 2 small ones. I did one with my son in mind and one for my daughter. On the brown scalloped cardstock I plan to put their names.

They really are so beautiful. I love them! I have them hanging on the wall and I
catch myself looking at them several times a day. I really want to get pictures on them!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/10 Basic Grey Nook and Pantry

I really liked the Basic Grey Nook and Pantry Collection. Only one problem - I like to cook but hate to clean the mess. So I find myself trying NOT to cook :).
So for sure I don't want to scrapbook my kitchen. I did like a few of the papers and I thought I could create a cute cupcake page. Well that turned into a birthday cupcake page... and I really liked it. Long story short.... Nadia liked it so much she went wild with it and did birthday invitations and a fabulous birthday banner.
And guess what she made one for me! Thanks so much Nadia~ YOU ROCK! I Love it!!!!

Here is photo's of the entire collection. The Banner,invitation and the layout. Enjoy!

Basic Grey Nook and pantry Collection. I only used the cupcake the yellow dot and the stripe. I think Nadia may have added a few.

Banner and a few other images to show detail. SO cute!!!

Invitation (above) Layout (below)

Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/10 Bo Bunny Gypsy

I can home from work today and was all alone. It was so nice - so I decided to scrapbook. I bought this Bo Bunny Gypsy line a while back simply because I LOVED the colors. I have been looking at it for a while now and thought today would be the day. :) But I just wasn't feeling it... so I looked on the Bo Bunny gallery for some inspiration and I really like one of the layouts I saw. So I took a few of my favorite parts from it, added to it and made it my own. I didn't copy! If you want to compare you can look at Bo Bunny. (It's one of the first 10 on the gallery )It's OK to look for inspiration and take a little from this and a little from that... and crate a layout of your own. Sometimes a paper line just doesn't inspire us past the purchase point and we need a little help. ( If you look for the one on BB it was also only a one page layout ... mine is 2! ) Do you ever feel this way about a purchase???

Bo Bunny Gypsy Paper Line.

Here is my layout. It says Blessed on the top right page and in the bottom right corner it says memories. I really like the finished pages. I guess I just needed direction. Also if you like it I will have 3 kits at my next crop in April. Dates are posted in the corner.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/28/10 Bo-Bunny Paradise

Having to go back to work tomorrow is far from paradise... after a nice long spring vacation. But hey, only 10 more weeks till summer vacation! I am however going
on a beach trip in May to celebrate my husbands 40th. So with the few nice days with almost 70* temps we got so lucky to see last week... and all this beach talk and Matthew on a surf board on my blog ... I am feeling the summer itch.

I saw this Bo-Bunny paradise line and just though it was so pretty and colorful.
I had to have it! Here are the papers in the line, I didn't use them all ... You all know me and I see a stripe in the line and not on my layout so something is up. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN... I love me some stripes! My local shop didn't have the entire line.

There are some really cool embellishments too... I used the 12x12 chipbiard sheet and the layered chipboards.

Here is the 2 page layout... what do you think?

Pg.1 Tag says: On the coast of somewhere beautiful. How perfect is that for a Oregon beach sunset. I think we have some of the best I have ever seen!!!

Pg.2 Tag says: the sea, once it casts its spell,holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Sat. 3/27 Bo Bunny MAMA-RAZZI

OK... So remember my blog a while back about those mini film strips on(3/12 Fab finds).

Well I found the perfect paper line to use them on. Bo-Bunny's Mama-Razzi line. At first I thought the colors were really dark and kind of weird color combo's. But once I started to cut I think the layout came together pretty quick for me. It has been rumored :) I am not a fast scrapper... but seriously this one didn't take to long and it really wasn't to expensive. I only bought a few of the papers in the line. ( 7 I think ) Plus some cardstock.

** ( I used papers #1,2,3,4,8,9,10 count them just like you would read.)

Here are all the embellishments. I only used the brads and the layered chipboards. Plus a little bling and a button. ( I shared the brads with a friend, if you do that you can share the cost. )

Here is the layout.... what do you think? They are much darker... these photos came out a little bright.

All that's missing is a few photos. I am on the hunt for some black and whites. I really think they will look great on these! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

3/26/10 Paradise Found Kit

Great pages! I think I am living in the wrong part of the world. I love music that reminds me of islands,beaches and sand. I love tropical drinks, lazy days in the hammock, and I know it is 5 o'clock somewhere and there is a cabana boy named Matthew McConaughey on a beach waiting for me. Hot Diggity dog... I have been looking for a reason to post my dream hubby. See there is reality and the dream. If the dream hubby lived next door ... it would be a perfect world for the reality hubby. I would be skinny, I would cook, and I would clean. I would be fixing the fence, building a new deck, weeding all in a bikini of course and any time of the year... even if there was snow~! Oh well one can dream right? :) With all this talk about Matthew and the tropics I guess we need some pictures.
These Paradise found pages are made with Rusty Pickle papers. SO CUTE!
Then there is Matthew made to perfection... Even Cuter!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q & A - Wall Hanging

OK --- Here are the answers to some questions regarding the wall hanging posted earlier today.

In photo #1 you can see the metal bracket. It is 30 inches long. On the ends of
the bracket there is 2 small holes for hanging. It isn't very heavy so I am sure a couple small nails would work fine. Since the one I am showing has just 2 small nails holding it up. The beaded chains can be adjusted to a more compact look but I do have the exact count of beads for each length. I really missed Kami when it came to counting them :).

The Bracket is called Fiskevik and it is a Ikea find and costs $6.00 each.

As for the kits -- they will be ready after 12 on Friday. I have a 7:50 dentist appointment so I am trying to get a kit or 2 together tonight and off to bed somewhat early. I can cut and assemble the kits in the morning. I have a lot of it already done so it won't take long. So cutting something other than the word love like... boys is totally do-able and would look so cute!

The colors are a little bright in the photo's they really are chocolate brown a
froggy green and a pretty aqua. The aqua looks much brighter in the pictures.
I hope I answered some of your questions.
See you tomorrow~!

3/25/10 My Minds Eye Quite Contrary Little Boy Blue Wall Hanging

Finally finished the wall hanging. I will have 4 kits for this available at Friday and Saturday's crop. Kits are $20
Holds 9 5x7 cards and 5 of them are for your photo's.
Let me know right away if you want a kit!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today's weather was just to dang nice to spend it inside scrappin'... with the weather turning with a chance of rain. I am planning for a full day of scrappin' tomorrow so I will post some layouts and my wall project tomorrow. Sorry :(

3/24/10 Congratulations Krystle !!!

One of my Blog Followers in Albuquerque New Mexico sent me this picture of one of her favorite layouts. Nice job Krystle! I really like the triangle banner across the
bottom. So Cute! You win $20 in Crop Cash ... I know you can't make it to my crops
so I was thinking of you today and I bought something you might like.
I have a Basic Grey NEW Kioshi Line Paper Collection Pack if that is something you might like I can send that to you. ( It is really a great spring collection, and I already saw some places are already sold out of them on line.) Congrats!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/10 Circle Flowers .... Sneek peek at upcoming project for this weekend Crop!!!

My Friend Jacki came over today and we finally got some good girl time in. We went to lunch and did some scrappin' on a project we both have been excited about. I saw these circle flowers some where and just knew I wanted to do them. You know how I like flowers.. well now I don't have to buy them I can just make them.(Gotta love that!) These are circles ranging from 1" to 2 1/2 inches layered, inked and distressed. How cute are they! I also added some leaves I cut using my Cricut and the Walk in My Garden cartridge. These 4 cards are part of a great project I am working on for the up coming crop this weekend. I am totally excited about it and I plan to only have 4 additional kits of this available. It is a wall hanging project. I also plan to post the finished project tomorrow. Enjoy the peek!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crate Paper Collection Packs

Here are a few of the collection paper packs from Crate. I am going to for SURE order 2 of them for myself....possibly all 4. I really like how everything you need is all in one package. I do think I might add the brads as an extra. I found them
at for $15.99. If you would like to order with me let me know by Wed.
this week. Joy Forever ( our local store ) doesn't carry the Crate line.

3/22/10 Crate Paper Blue Hill Papers

Here is a 4 page layout using Crate Papers Blue Hill Line. I think Crate paper might be one of my favorites... too! I really like their collection packs. They come with
a tun of papers, and die cuts for embellishing all for around $15. They have some new collections too... I think I am going to order a few!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Martha Stewart - Punches

I Love these punches and found that they are a bit tricky to use until you figure them out and get the measurements down. I decided to post this video. I found it really helpful and there is some great project ideas at the end. Plus they show you
some of the other punch styles. Watch it I know you will like it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/20/10 Griffin's Cutest story ever... plus boy layouts

Between my sister and brother and me we have 8 kids. My brother and sister have 3 each and I have 2. I have the oldest with Keith and my sister has the youngest with
Griffin. I have to say I think they saved the best for last! Keith and Kami are really wonderful kids don't get me wrong. But Griffin is adorable from head to toe.
He says the sweetest things.
My mom watches him on Mondays and Tuesdays and she took him for a walk the other day. He saw a dead (really, really dead - flat) squirel on the road ... he looked at it and said. "It's ok little squirel, your mommy is comming soon to kiss you all better... and the doctor is coming and he will give you a bandaid and you be all better soon. :) Isn't he so sweet! My mom told him the squirel was gone to heaven and he said..." no no Omi (that's grandma in German) his mommy is coming and she is gonna make him all better." Such a cute story I had to share it. The squirel was so dead but he was just sure it would be all better.