Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sat. 3/27 Bo Bunny MAMA-RAZZI

OK... So remember my blog a while back about those mini film strips on(3/12 Fab finds).

Well I found the perfect paper line to use them on. Bo-Bunny's Mama-Razzi line. At first I thought the colors were really dark and kind of weird color combo's. But once I started to cut I think the layout came together pretty quick for me. It has been rumored :) I am not a fast scrapper... but seriously this one didn't take to long and it really wasn't to expensive. I only bought a few of the papers in the line. ( 7 I think ) Plus some cardstock.

** ( I used papers #1,2,3,4,8,9,10 count them just like you would read.)

Here are all the embellishments. I only used the brads and the layered chipboards. Plus a little bling and a button. ( I shared the brads with a friend, if you do that you can share the cost. )

Here is the layout.... what do you think? They are much darker... these photos came out a little bright.

All that's missing is a few photos. I am on the hunt for some black and whites. I really think they will look great on these! :)


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    Good Luck and I am lovin the comments!

  2. man, Jacki is sneaking up! You know...I'm really not commenting for a prize...just because I love you and all that you do, and you are my only friend who blogs regularly! lol

  3. oh, and I love the pages, but you already know that:)

  4. I absolutely LOVE how those layouts came out! Makes me want to get the collection!

  5. I love this line of paper. I really like the pages we did with the name film strips. Can't wait to get my others so I can do my other pages to match. Hopefully I will find good pics to put on them. Decisions decisions...

  6. Oh and Nadia, I really am not in it for the prize either. Nancy just challenged me so I had to comply.

  7. HAHA ... Nice Jackie :) Blame it on me :)
    I had suck a great time at the crop last week I can't wait for the next one!