Monday, March 1, 2010

3/1/10 distressing and antiquing

Distressing and antiquing isn't hard to do it just takes a little practice.I have two different distressing tools. One made by Close to my heart and one by Making Memories. I actually prefer the MM one. After using both I found that my wrist and thumbs cramped with the use of the CTMH one the more I used it the more it hurt and
at times I just had to stop and take a break. The MM one has a curve to the handle almost like a comfort grip. The plus about the CTMH one is there are several blades throughout the tool where the MM only has one so several would last longer than one. They both run around $3 or so. I found the MM one at my local craft store and the CTMH one you need to order from them or find a consultant.

CTMH and MM Distressing tools.

Using the tool is pretty easy hold your paper with one hand and place the tool with blade running along the paper. Then scrape the tool back and forth along the paper edge until you get the desired look. The more you do it the more distressed it looks. Just be careful with thinner more delicate papers.

After you have distressed your paper take a ink pad and run it along the edge until you get the desired look you like. I love inking... I ink everything! I like the Color Box inks and the chalk ink pads are the best. The pigment inks take longer to dry and they can easily smudge that is why I like the chalk box inks they dry quick!

Here is a close up of some of the distressing and antiquing on the canvas project. If you haven't tried it I hope you do! It really is a great teqniue and adds a whole new look to your pages.

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