Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/20/10 Griffin's Cutest story ever... plus boy layouts

Between my sister and brother and me we have 8 kids. My brother and sister have 3 each and I have 2. I have the oldest with Keith and my sister has the youngest with
Griffin. I have to say I think they saved the best for last! Keith and Kami are really wonderful kids don't get me wrong. But Griffin is adorable from head to toe.
He says the sweetest things.
My mom watches him on Mondays and Tuesdays and she took him for a walk the other day. He saw a dead (really, really dead - flat) squirel on the road ... he looked at it and said. "It's ok little squirel, your mommy is comming soon to kiss you all better... and the doctor is coming and he will give you a bandaid and you be all better soon. :) Isn't he so sweet! My mom told him the squirel was gone to heaven and he said..." no no Omi (that's grandma in German) his mommy is coming and she is gonna make him all better." Such a cute story I had to share it. The squirel was so dead but he was just sure it would be all better.


  1. hahaha, what a cute little story. He is a cute boy...but Nancy, you can't have favorites! lol. I think he's everyone's favorite at your house, so maybe it's ok. :)

    Love all the layouts, because I love BOY layouts! Especially the Daddy's Little Helper, all those letters must have taken forever!