Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/24/10 Congratulations Krystle !!!

One of my Blog Followers in Albuquerque New Mexico sent me this picture of one of her favorite layouts. Nice job Krystle! I really like the triangle banner across the
bottom. So Cute! You win $20 in Crop Cash ... I know you can't make it to my crops
so I was thinking of you today and I bought something you might like.
I have a Basic Grey NEW Kioshi Line Paper Collection Pack if that is something you might like I can send that to you. ( It is really a great spring collection, and I already saw some places are already sold out of them on line.) Congrats!


  1. Love the layout Krystal!!! Nice job!

  2. Real cute! FYI Krystle will be using her crop cash for the BG Kioshi line I just knew she would like it! Thanks for doing the questionaire!

  3. Thanks everyone! Nancy, you are so generous.