Friday, March 5, 2010

03705/10 Boy O' Boy! Teen Boy layouts

What a day! I had a memorable day at work...getting spit on and cussed at ~ always helps keep it fresh and exciting. :) Working in Special Education does have its pluses ~ all kidding aside I survived and THANK GOD it's Friday that sums up how I feel! I was looking forward to coming home today since I have been a model housewife this week and cooked 4 days in a row I got to be treated to a night out to dinner. I know I hear all you girls saying 4 days in a row... hey, that's a record for me ~ lately. Actually Kamryn ( my daughter ) Had a teacher call out of the blue on Tuesday just to tell me what a joy she is to have in class and that she absolutely loves her and how sweet she is. Always willing to help where needed and help others. She also said that as parents Dave and I must be incredible to have a daughter like her. I have to say it was so nice to hear Dave and I told her she could pick the special place we go out to eat at and she gets to get a new outfit. That made her month... as you all know for girls dinner and shopping... SCORE! She did good ... California Pizza Kitchen and a trip to American Eagle and she was happy. Me I was just glad I didn't have to
cook. After dinner we went into the AT&T store where I treated myself to a NEW phone. I am excited to say I now have a I-phone. So I thought my day was picking up... that is until the drive home. This leads me to my boy o' boy line. As you all
know Nancy (me) is not the best driver in the world I admit it (I have had
A LOT of accidents ... I admit that too :) anyhow on my way home a young boy with his licence for 2 DAYS!!!!!!!! Backed up and backed up until he hit my car. Even after my repeated HONKING. So at first I was mad . As soon as he showed me his license I though about Keith and I just couldn't be mad. He was so nervous and upset and I just couldn't have his first accident be a cranky woman. ( I was going to say old lady ... but hey I am only 25... hahaha :) Plus it didn't look like there was any damages to my car ~ just a few minor scratches. I did get his information and gave him mine and told him I know nothing about cars so my husband needs to look at it and I would call him tomorrow and not to worry. He was very nervous about how high his insurance would be and you could tell he was a young and inexperienced driver. I told him not to worry and that I would call his parents tomorrow and let them know if there are any damages to my car. I also thought that would give him some time to share the accident with his parents and let them know he had a friend (minor) in the car (illegal here for the first 6 months of driving and since he has only had his license for 2 days ... he shouldn't have anyone in the car).
Since I am thinking about this boy I thought I would post a few Teen Boy Layouts....
after all accidents happen right? Just isn't how I would have liked to end my day.
I guess that is why they are called accidents. Lets hope this is my only one for this year :) Enjoy!

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  1. Oh no! So sorry about the accident, but so happy for Kami! How sweet of her teacher to call...that's so nice. Hope it's a great and restful weekend:)