Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/6/10 Jars

How great are jars for storage. Since I have been trying to get my craftroom clean and organized this week I decided to blog a lot on storage and organization in hopes that it will get me motivated. I am still putting it off. But I know it will get done soon! I went to IKEA today and found a great project for my next crop. I am
excited about it and need to get the craftroom organized to work in there. So tonight I am blogging about jars. How great are jars for storage. Here are some great jar storage ideas. Use them to store your buttons,ribbons,flowers,brads and more! Here are some great pictures of how awesome they would look in our craft rooms and craft areas.

Use an old spice rack to organize all your metal embellishments. Brads, hinges, and clips would be easier to find here.

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