Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q & A - Wall Hanging

OK --- Here are the answers to some questions regarding the wall hanging posted earlier today.

In photo #1 you can see the metal bracket. It is 30 inches long. On the ends of
the bracket there is 2 small holes for hanging. It isn't very heavy so I am sure a couple small nails would work fine. Since the one I am showing has just 2 small nails holding it up. The beaded chains can be adjusted to a more compact look but I do have the exact count of beads for each length. I really missed Kami when it came to counting them :).

The Bracket is called Fiskevik and it is a Ikea find and costs $6.00 each.

As for the kits -- they will be ready after 12 on Friday. I have a 7:50 dentist appointment so I am trying to get a kit or 2 together tonight and off to bed somewhat early. I can cut and assemble the kits in the morning. I have a lot of it already done so it won't take long. So cutting something other than the word love like... boys is totally do-able and would look so cute!

The colors are a little bright in the photo's they really are chocolate brown a
froggy green and a pretty aqua. The aqua looks much brighter in the pictures.
I hope I answered some of your questions.
See you tomorrow~!


  1. Thank you, thank you....I'm in! I can help put it together tomorrow, don't stress your self out...I have plenty of other things to work on:) Thanks!

  2. OH, and I do want boys I think...

  3. I LOVE my boys one...I'll take a picture and put it on my to you of course!

  4. I love mine too. I liked how Nadia's turned out with boys instead of love on it.