Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fundraiser needs donations ....

Sandra's daughter Sarah and my brothers daughter (my 2 neices) both love to play softball. Sandra and the other parents with kids on the team are starting a new
league. They need lots of funds for new uniforms,equipment and more! They are
working on a big fundraiser poker night and they are having a basket raffle.
Of course when the baskets are all together we will buy tickets! In the mean time
Sandra needs tuns of help and I instantly thought of you girls. You really know
the meaning of team effort and are always eager to help. Here's what she needs....

She is putting together baskets for the raffle and needs any donations. Baskets
are ....
Spa and Relaxing
Wine and Cheese
Scrapbooking and Crafts (I am donating whole basket)
Family Game Night
Family Movie Night
Cooking and Baking And
BBQ & Outdoor. Anything you can do can
help fill the baskets would be so helpful. Cheep movies, giftcards, bottle of wine, chocolates, movie candy, you name it~ it would be so appricaited. SO - if you have
a extra something you found at Christmas on sale or if you just want to grab a little something to stick in a basket. I will need them at the next crop or for sure by the end of the month. It would be SO APPRICIATED!
I am donating an entire scrapbook basket... I know you will all want a ticket for
this one! Thank you all for being such great friends and caring so much about all my little causes throughout the years. I love you all! NANCY

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