Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan.16,2010 Keeping it simple.

Ok girls ... so sorry but I have a three day weekend a broken dishwasher and a crop on the way. So for today I am just going to post a page you may have already seen.( I don't have a better picture either ... I think I sold my origonals) Sorry :(
I am busy though working on some great kits for the open house. I haven't decided if I am going to leak them out or save them until the crop. What do you think??? I know what you all will say .... WE WANT TO SEE THEM! LOL.... I will think about it!

Here is my plan for available kits at the Crop. 2 mini albums both adorable and 1 valentine page kit, 1 birthday page kit, and 1 more I am still thinking about. I am so excited about them all!!! :)


  1. You know my vote! Can't wait to celebrate your b-day...40, right?

  2. You're right. SEE THEM!! ha Not sure if I can make it for the big party crop, but I will let you know soon. V

  3. YES 40! OMG I can't believe it ... It seens like only yestureday I was 22 getting married and starting a family. I guess when your having fun time really does fly bY! Still working on projects I did one mini album so far and lOVE IT! Next Project..... surprises??? LOL