Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan.15,2010 Beach

I don't know what it is but lately I totally feel like going to the beach. Maybe it's
the weather. Maybe all this yukkie weather has me craving sun and sand. I was even thinking how fun it would be to get a bunch of girls together and go to the beach
for the weekend and just lock the doors and scrapbook the days away. This lead me to
this great layout I did for my open house. For those of you who say.... I never saw that
one! Well it sold out after the first 2 ladies shopped (like 2 minutes). It went that fast! I have all the stuff to put together more kits and I will be doing it soon.... so if you want one let me know in the comments below so you can make sure you get one in
the next production. Kit is $10 and includes everything you need to assemble it... and
all the cutting is done for you. Just ink the edges and glue. Couldn't get any easier than that!!!!

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