Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/10 Layout

This has been a horribly exhausting day! I have been wanting a nice pantry for 4 years now. The one we have in this house is nice but so deep you can't find anything. I finally talked Dave into it... and got my pantry! Only problem he made me help ALL DAY!
So what was going to be a day of relaxation and scrapbooking... turned into
a all day project of taking out the old, painting and putting in a new pantry. With ...and I can't forget 1 trip to Target, 1 trip to Fred Meyer, 2 trips to Home Depot and 4... yes 4 trips to Lowe's. I am exhausted just typing it... not to mention going there! :) This is why I HATE home improvement projects. Y'all know if us ladies are doing it there would be one trip to the store to get the goods and we know we would have THE MEASUREMENTS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! If not the first for sure the second...
and not the forth.Plus did I mention on the forth time we went to Lowe's we had to take back my favorite part because in order to keep my nice basket drawer you would have to take everything out and start over. I think I can loose the basket before I loose my mind.There probably would have been a divorce if that would have happened. AAAAAAHHHHHH!

So I promise tomorrow I will post a picture of the new pantry. Until then here is a
quick layout ... I'm off to bed and there is work tomorrow... thank God... as bad as work has been - after today... it is looking pretty good! :0


  1. I hate home improvement projects while they are going on, but I am sure you will love your new pantry!

  2. hahaha, you crack me up. Sounds like a frustrating day! Glad it's done now...