Friday, April 16, 2010

4/16/10 What do you think about digital scrapbooking?

For me... I really wanted to try it. I just wasn't to sure about the expense, and then there was the thought that maybe it would be to hard. Well here is what I did and what I found out.... and just maybe I can answer some of your questions about digital scrapbooking.
I had been watching some scrapbooking shows on TV. I found them through my cable company by searching "scrapbooking" and up popped 2. One of them had a digital segment and she made it look so easy. I thought I would give it a try! I looked around at software and saw that the #1 scrapbooking software rated on the market is called Memory Mixer. So I searched and searched my local shops. It was impossible to find so I ordered it on-line. I played around with it and thought I did a great layout but when I got the print it was all cut off due to cropping. I found the trick is you can't lay anything off the page. Everything must be in the designated area and then it prints perfect! It really is easy to use after you play with it a time or two. Also it really is kinda fun and I seemed to create pages faster. Plus is you are using your computer and with everything going digital... most likely that is where our photo's are... so just a click here and there and they are added that quick.
For Printing your created pages I found that I can upload to Costco and print
12x12's for $3.00 each. How cheep is that!
Now ... don't get to excited thinking that you will NEVER have to buy paper again.
Not true. The digital program comes with a lot of papers and embellishments. But, I still wanted more! You can go to Memory Mixer on-line and select additional paper packs and embellishments and then purchase and download them in minutes! They really
aren't to expensive either and for what you pay it is WAY cheaper than a local craft store. The paper packs are around $3-6 and the embellishment packs are around $1-3
(vary's ).
Here is the biggest plus for me.... I really like to share my pages with my mom and mother-in law. Only problem is to do all my layouts 3 times can get really expensive ... really fast. So I like this idea for them and for gift giving. It really saves a lot of time and money. Once you create a base page you can print it and then add embellishments right on the photo creating what they are now calling highbread scrapbooking. It looks nice too and adds some dimension. I also found that ... all those Christmas cards we are paying for ... you can get the templete to create your own! I also like that I am able to use my saved layouts for my screen saver on my laptop. Everytime I turn it on ... I am inspired to scrapbook!
Here are a couple of layout I crated....

Memory Mixer Software I think it was about $50.

Here is what an additional paper pack looks like. You really get a lot of goodies for the small amount you pay!

Now that you know a little bit .... what do you think? Would you consider it ... and give it a try? Or NEVER!


  1. I like your pages...I just don't know if I could go certainly sounds cheaper, and you know I make multiple pages most the time for me and my kids...There's just something about having texture and dimension to the pages that I love...but it might be worth giving it a try sometime!

  2. Oh my gosh your layouts here are FABULOUS! We'd love to have you add some of them to the MemoryMixer Facebook fanpage!!

    I love that you can print pages for only $3!

    I represent MemoryMixer and if you have any questions or are intersted in tips and tricks you can read the notes section of facebook.. or see the Little Things blog for inspiration!!

    Glad you like it!!