Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Happy Girls :)

Kami was so excited about this project she had to get her best friend Kaylee over to make one too. Kami's are all 12x12, we did Kaylee's 16x20. They turned out so cute.
I went to Michael's today because they had Cricut cartridges on sale - and of course I bought one. It is the one I used for Kaylee's letter. The Cartridge is SONGBIRD.
After that I went to our Costco here in Clackamas,Oregon and did you know they have a
Cricut event.(Roadshow is what they are calling it;) You can buy A Cricut Expression, Gypsy , Essential Kit (tools) and Cartridges.( All at great prices too! ) I just couldn't pass up the deal on the cartridges. They have 9 to choose from and you can choose any 3 for $94.99. The 9 cartridges you could choose from are....
Give a hoot, Heritage, Just Because cards, Once Upon a Princess, Sentimentals, Storybook, Stretch your imagination, Sweet treats, Tie the Knot, and Wild Card.
One of the 3 I bought I wanted the other 2 I don't think I would have ever gotten if they didn't have the book there for me to look at. Once you really start looking at the book they really cut some great stuff.
I bought: Give a hoot, Sweet treats and Wild card. The Cricut event is on till the
18th at the Clackamas Oregon Costco.

Kami is in the stage where she hates when I take pictures of her, she liked this project so much she posed for a picture and was willing to pose for the M and the I photo. If you can believe that! Oh, and the best part ... I Don't want pictures on these ... just the letters so Kami already has them hung in her room and Loves It!

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  1. Those are some cute girls with some cute projects! Way to go girls, they are ADORABLE!