Thursday, April 1, 2010

4/1/10 Was April Fools Day lucky for you???

Was April Fools Day a Lucky Day for you???
Well I have to say it was for one of my blog readers. I have been counting up comments. For the record I counted them all... every one from the 15th thru the 31st and the tally is...
Jacki 22
Krystle 20
Velda 2
Nichole 1
and the winner... Nadia 24~! Congrats you win a new tool~ A Tim Holtz Mini Stapler!
I just bought one for myself and loved it so much I had to get one for the give away.

Also the lucky winner of my $40 is Free goodies is also the lucky Nadia! I guess when you get your name in the drawing 24 times your odds on winning goes up !!!! :)

Nice job! Thanks for following everyone. I really love reading your comments.


  1. Jacki- You quit commenting on the 29th... bummer... until then you were in the lead! :(

    Krystle- I have been waiting to send your BG blog win until today ... to see if you won again... now that the results are in I will mail it tomorrow right after work.

    Thanks again everyone for commenting and reading everyday!

  2. Wow! Now I know these things are rigged:) Just kidding! You are SO generous...and now I feel bad that I won both things...Jacki, you get the would use it far more then I, and I know you would love it! Thanks Nancy!

  3. Congrats Nadia and thanks Nancy!

  4. Thanks Nadia but it really isn't necessary for you to give me your prize! Congratulations for winning. I totally forgot to comment the last two days. Oops on my part. It was fun though wasn't it? Again congratulations.

  5. Ya ... I really liked reading your posts. Maybe I will have to start thinking of a new prize and how to win it???

  6. You know, I think it's better not to have a who does it the most thing, but more of like you did this time too, but every time you do it puts your name in the hat...that way it's not so competitive, you know? :)

    And Jackie, I'm sure, take it!