Thursday, April 1, 2010

4/1/10 Tim Holtz Mini Stapler

I am in love with my new mini stapler. So much so that I just gave one away to one
of my lucky blog readers... Nadia. Congratulations!

It goes through everything like butter; even chipboard and acrylic, ribbon and fabric. It staples totally tight, so the item you staple holds secure, even with one staple.Plus you can see and control EXACTLY where you want the staple to go- good for attatching tiny things (imagine that!) The grip makes it easier to use than a big bulky stapler or a small travel one.It is a bit tricky to refill the first time or two but once you get the hang of it ... piece of cake!
I got mine at Craftware the stapler was $15.99 and the refills are $2.99.
Worth every penny... I LOVE IT!!!


  1. Thanks are awesome. But I really don't comment for a prize, I comment because I love all your posts! So give it to Jackie...I know she was excited about it, and maybe you can let me use yours at crops, Jackie:) THANK YOU!!!

  2. I've seen others use a stapler on their layouts before but I have never tried it -- hmm, I'll have to consider it.

  3. If you are absolutely sure about giving my your prize.? I don't think it is right but of course you would use it at crops!!