Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18 Simpsons Cartoon Layout

Simpson's Cartoon Layout
A couple of years ago my son Keith went to
a Simpson's movie premier
and had a blast!
I hunted and hunted for scrapbook paper
and just couldn't find it.
Some of those great characters our kids all love are impossible to
find as paper and embellishments.
I found a local lady here in Milwaukie, Oregon
that makes the cutest embellishments.
What do you think about my Simpson pages???

For $25 I got Homer, the 4 tv's and the donuts. All I had to do was add
the photo's, striped paper and the cardstock.
If you would like her information for some of those great pages you have
leave me a comment and I will get you her information.


  1. Hey N, I would like to have her info. LOVE this page and the Simpsons.

  2. Velda - She does a lot of work for Joy forever scrapbooking. So you can order through Joy or her name is Kelly and her and I will get more contact information for her and post it this weekend.