Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3 Time for a winner ...

OK, it's time for a winner...
who is baking in our friendly layout competition?
Nadia's layout :

3 votes for Nadia!
2 votes for me :( oh, how my blog readers have let me down :) (just Kidding)
I lost so Nadia .... I will bake you anything you like ...
just not Creme Brulee... I don't think it would be
good. I have no idea how to make that!!!

So ... as for my goodie bag winner ...
it is :


I have a goodie for you!!!


  1. Winner, Winner! I don't actually want a treat...what I would love is some time to scrap with you! That would be the best present;)

  2. Oh Boy! What a surprise and a treat! Santa came early. Congrats Nadia and thanks to both of you for the "scrap off". I'll be watching for the next one. Velda