Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mini Albums

Mini Albums
make great little gifts for that someone special on your list.
I made this one for my husbands boss and his family.
It is a mini folding album and it is so easy to make.
I will try to post the directions next week.
It takes 9 sheets of 2 sided papers. And about 4-5 sheets of
cardstock. ( plus ribbons, and stickers or goodies to decorate )
It is so quick and easy... and I think a great little gift!
If you would like the directions... make sure you comment so
I WILL get you the directions BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Ok N, now don't give me a hard time. I made one of these at my first crop with you, but gave it away and so, I would like diretions. Forgot how cute they are and you're right. Perfect gift. So, send them my way and keep up the good work on blogging. Gives me something to read on my lunch hour! ho ho ho-V-