Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I bought some of these Best Creations St. Patrick's day
papers last year and they have been on my to do list for so long.
So, I thought I would see what I could do with them so I took them
to the beach.
I love bouncing Ideas off Nadia.
She is always eager to take my challenge. :)

So here is the Challenge ......
you will be AMAZED!!!!
The Challenge- Each of us had the same papers. All Shamrocks and Green.
We had to create a two page layout and NOT A ST.PATRICK'S LAYOUT.

Here is two of the three papers we had.....
They are from Best Creations.

We decided to make it interesting and throw in a little bet.
The looser ( Nadia ) would have to bake a dessert for the winner. (ME :) Just kidding!
How would we know who the winner is???
You can help by voting on your favorite layout. ( Mine :) Just Kidding! (not)
What would you do..... could you think out of the box and

be creative enough to scrapbook a everyday layout with holiday themed papers???
Here they come....
you will...
LOVE ....
Love them !!!
Layout #1 Nancy's layout
Lucky Me : on the large shamrock (pg2) I used a
white gel pen and wrote:
I am so lucky I have you ... you are my lucky charm... lucky me.
( repeated all the way around )
Details: Shamrock is cut out of paper.
Do you love it?
Vote for Nancy's layout

Layout #2 Nadia's Layout

( She just had some amazing family photo's taken ... so kinda NOT FAIR ....
her photo's make the layout a winner. )

What a beautiful family!
I love that all the fonts are different.

So cute !!!
Vote for your favorite...
someone will have to do some baking :)


  1. I'm voting for ME!!! Your layout is really good, however I want a dessert, so ME, Me, ME!!!

    And you all had better vote for me too! ;)

  2. HA ha HA... how come I knew you would be the first one to comment. Isn't voting for yourself cheating?

    Blog stalker! :)

    Plus all my friends will vote for me :) Cuz I can't and don't know how to make Creme Bruele' how ever you spell it!

  3. i am going to be a nice sister and vote for nadia as well.

  4. You're right. Nadia's pictures make her page layouts #1. Both of you are wonderfully creative. Kuddos to you both!

  5. Nadia - You can't vote for yourself! But I guess that is 2 for you now. :(

  6. You are just jealous...and hey, no fair bribing people with a goodie bag!!! :) Just a little friendly competition!

  7. Notice I said they could vote for you OR me :)

  8. I'm voting for you Nancy but I have to say that you both did a great job!

  9. You are both winners in my books, and Nadia's does look great with pics, but I have faith in you Nancy, so my vote is for you (plus you played the sympathy card well).

  10. I am lovin' Nadia's ... very cute!
    And what a fun little competition!! :o)