Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13 Gift Idea #1

With the Holidays
Just around the corner ...
I have decided this week I will blog some great
little cheap gift ideas!
Each gift will....
1. Have a scrapin' touch
2. Be low cost
3. Easy to do !!!
Today I am sharing this great little treat...
Make a bunch and
give to office co-workers ( one on each desk) ... or
Your kids classmates... or
I am using mine to put in the teachers boxes at my work ( I work at a school )
Day 1
Uses Cardstock, glue, and your Doodlecharms or Christmas cheer cartridges.....
and a pepermint patty.
Cost : Im guessing ... pennies!!!

The peppermints need to look like this... any brand. I found mine at Walmart around $2 a bag.
I turned them into these!!!

I sandwiched the patties between two cardstock circles. ( flower shaped & 2 inches ) They do sell a 2 inch punch at Michaels I used my Cricut. But if you don't have a cricut you
can use the punch and embellish with Stickers. ( That would just increase your cost a bit.)

Here is a back view that shows the shape of the circle. I used Accent Essentials
Cartridge and then wrote Merry Christmas with a white gel pen.

She went home with 36 and I had the same. I made about 16 more and still
had peppermints left over.... I only bought 2 bags!!!
This is a great project for scraps... I of course did not use scraps. ( ** I can hear
you ladies who know me laughing about that! :)
Here is the run down on cost....
Cardstock :
2 base color and - 2-3 additional colors per design made about 20 !
( Example: Cardstock 2 red, 1 flesh color, 1-2 white and 1 red )
About $2 per design in Cardstock.
Peppermints $4 ( 2 bags )
Embellished with what I had on hand / scraps ( these I do save ) $ 0.00
Total cost about $10 for 85 or so. About 11 cents each!!!

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  1. oh my goodness...those are adorable!!! Love them!!! You are so good!