Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10 Recipe box gift idea

Need a great gift idea?
My friend Jacki and I found these wooded
recipe boxes at Craftware House for a great price.
It took a little math to get all the paper sizes but...
I think they turned out great!
I have some mini wooden spoons that I want to glue to the top
or the side of the front.
( I may still do that! )
Back View .. this paper line also had matching recipe cards.
How perfect is that?

Recipe cards
OK so I still think the project cost about $20 but if we would have eliminated
the family recipe rub on we put on the front and cut it with the cricut...
that would have saved us $7.50. YES~ $7.50!!! We didn't realize how much
they were until we were on our way home. We thought about returning them
but Craft ware house is a bit of a drive ... and this time we just went with it!
It is still VERY cute either way. I can't wait to start filling it with great recipes!

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