Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16 Beach Weekend Crop


I want to share some photos if the out beach weekend crop.
It was a blast ...
and I have to say full of
Friday night when we got there Nadia and I decided to go for a walk on the
Beach. I am SO glad we did!
The weather was perfect... had to be 60's and sunny with no wind.
and NOT a typical day at the beach....
especially for NOVEMBER!!!
Then the water got rough...

and Saturday and Sunday got colder and rainy. :(
But ... perfect for scrapbooking!
The great Beach house we stayed in.

Racky - ( AKA - Mario :) Fastest scrapper and driver in the house.
Her style is simple with lots of photo's.
She loves the photo's and does great layouts FULL of

( Driving- she is an angel........ HAHAHA NOT! When we left she told Jacki and I
to follow her. Once we got on the freeway she was long gone! :)

Leslie - Another fast simple scrapper who loves her photo's.
Leslie always has some great stories to share and great company.
Nadia- Probably the most ambitious scrapper of the weekend.
She has caught a bit of my stock pile problem.
I love the paper and always think I can add the photo's anytime.
After all you can always black and white of sepia tone your photo's.
So this weekend Nadia brought all her layouts
with one goal.... PICTURES!
( since she scraps with me ... alot... she loves the paper like I do :)
She almost filled all her layouts with pictures ,and completed
5 albums!!!

MaryEllen - The Beginner,
this was her first real crop!
Most of the crops she has come to are at my home ... and she has had a helper
or two. This weekend she was on her own ....
and she did a great job.
I am sure if she keeps it up she will be a great scrapper!

Debbie and Jacki
Debbie's style is all over the place she likes it all and loves to scrap
her grand daughter Nevaeh.
Jacki is my BFf :)
(other than my hubby and sis )
Jacki and I scrap together all the time so her style is my style. She is a

great scrapper but when we are together she lets me take the lead and that I like!
I love being BOSS :)

Here we all are scrappin!!!!

Linda - Christmas card Queen.

She did some amazingly cute Christmas cards... I am

so bummed I didn't get a photo of a done one.
Chris - New to our group drove from Spokane, Washington to
come scrap with us.
She was quiet and crazy fast with her layouts.

Marilyn - Marilyn drove down from Whidbey Island in
Washington to scrap with us this weekend. I think she gets the prize for the
longest travels.
Marilyn scrapped some great oldies. Lots of old family photo's and
a few new. I love seeing the old pictures being scrapped!

Wendy & Nadia
Two great ladies on a mission. Wendy also made her Christmas cards
this weekend. I should have spent some time photographing some of these ladies
beautiful pages and projects. DANG IT!!!!

Lots of great times, with lots of laughs. I can't wait till the
next weekend get away!!!
I think we need to start looking at some dates and
plan a spring crop.



  1. it was a fun weekend away...and very productive! Thanks for putting it all together Nancy!

  2. That looks awesome! So glad you had fun!

  3. Ok, I am jealous. Hopefully I will be able to make the next fun time. Looks like you got lots done and looks like a scrappin' fun group.