Wednesday, May 19, 2010

District Track Meet Tonight

Today was Kamryn's District track meet. Each school gets to send their 2 best kids in each event. Kamryn qualified in all 3 of her events! Today was the big day.
In the 80m Hurdles... ( Her best even - so I thought ) She had a 3rd place finish.
In the 4 x 100meter Relay ( 4 girls - each runs 100m ) They finished forth. We begged her all last year to join the relay and this year she finally got up the courage to try and let me say she is the best of the four girls. Their relay team is not so great. She HATES it. They actually had a good team and they moved 2 of the girls to the 4 x 400 relay. So now they have a couple not so great runners in the short relay and they have been struggling all season. So now we jokingly tell her why in the world would she ever join the relay team! :) In the 200m dash she was AMAZING and finished first for her heat. Yeah! Congrats Kami - We love you and are proud of you!!!!

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