Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/9/10 Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day. I had a good one myself. I really tried to keep it low key because we are going to the beach next weekend with 5 teenagers. Food might get costly so I am trying to save,save,save! So Dave took me to run some errands in parts of town I hate,hate to drive!But first Safeway to have lunch with Keith (not my ideal but we were all together! (since he is now a working man) Then we were off to my mom's to wish her a good day then to Paper Zone to get supplies for wedding invitations I am making for a friend. After that Home Depot to replace some plants we bought last year. They have a one year guarantee on their plants and we had some that we bought that didn't survive the winter. At this point I was fading fast. So we went home where I got to have one of my fav's for dinner. I could have picked steak,crab what ever I wanted. I love bbq chicken and they all really don't like it. So since today was about me they had to suck it up and eat it! I know I am a cheep date:)Just before dinner Keith came home with Gerber daisies for me. My favorite flower! (Oh ya Dave and Kami got me a hanging plant for my porch and I get to get a pedicure this week so my painted toes get to dig in the sand:)And dinner was perfect! It was a great day all about me!
I want to share a layout of my mother. They are all photo's of her and it's a page I made to put in her heritage album I made for her for Christmas. I did change one photo on the right bottom. I don't think she would have liked that one to much!

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