Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/18/10 To Stitch or not to Stitch....

Have you ever stitched on your pages? I love when I see pages with stitching on them.
It makes me wish I had a sewing machine. A while back I ran across these In-Stitches templates by Bazzill and fell in love. I used to cross stitch when I was younger so this wasn't to hard to get the hang of. You simply hold the template where you want it and Punch the holes with a piercing tool. After you have punched the tiny holes you just stitch your lines. It really is easy and adds a whole new look to your pages. Plus you can use any color of DMC floss for stitching.

Here is a few of the MANY templates from Bazzill.

Here are a few of my pages I created just playing with them. What do you think? Would you ever try stitching or is it to time consuming?


  1. I would try it! I think I like it a lot for a border on a paper or something...does that make sense? I've seen it done before in pictures and loved it:) How are you? I feel like it's been forever!

  2. I think I would try it. I also have a love of cross stitching. I LOVE the page you did with all the flowers. Thanks for the info. I would never have thought about it without you pointing it out.

  3. I adore the stitching on your bottom lo! I have just begun to hand stitch myself and even though it takes a while and is kind of a pain, I do like the look.