Sunday, May 16, 2010

3/15/10 Peace Out With My Little Yellow Bicycle

Here they are! I have finally finished all my Peace pages. There are 6 total and I think they are gROoVy! Don't you? I had to purchase a large amount from Joy just to get her to order it for me. So I have 3 packages of this line for sale. Each package has 2 pieces of each of the papers plus the embellishments ( does not include CS, ribbons and flowers )For $19. It is the same pack I used to create all 6 of these pages. If you would like to get one let me know and I will save you one or get it to you.


  1. Fun, fun! Those pages are adorable! It looks like your trip was fun! Can't wait to hear more:) Love the sunset!

  2. Nancy, The pages are wonderful. You are one crafty scrapper! The sunset pics are perfect. Hold on to one of the kits for me. I will connect with you to pick it up. Velda