Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Pink Scotch ATG Gun for Breast Cancer

WOW! WHAT A DEAL!!!!!! For those of you who don't have one this is the time to get one! I LOVE my Scotch ATG gun. I actually have been thinking of getting another one just because if someone needs to borrow one or Kami is in the craftroom with me ... one is just not enough. So the other day when I was at Joy Forever Scrapbooking I ran across this HOT PINK GUN. Here is the deal and I am sure you are going to want one...
IT'S $26.99 and comes with 2 rolls of adhesive! It only holds the 1/4 inch adhesive but you get a box with 2 rolls included in the price. And if you aren't in yet .... you can buy additional boxes of adhesives for $9.99 and each box includes 2 ACID FREE 1/4 inch rolls and each roll has 36 yards of adhesive! ( Joy will carry the refill boxes! ) Plus this isn't just any old adhesive it actually holds everything in place and it stays there!!!
If you are interested in one and would like one I think JOY has one more available and can order more. I also saw some on-line $21.99-$27.99 just search: Breast Cancer Scotch ATG gun.

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