Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8/2 Busy being a mom - All Keith's fault :)

So sorry ladies I know I have missed some days... there is a lot going on here. Some of you know I have 2 friends who have me doing their wedding invites. This week is the big push for those. One wedding is 150 and the other 80 with 80 RSVP cards. Busy, Busy! Really that isn't what is keeping me so busy. My 17 year old son ( turns 18 - Dec. 5 ) had a summer get together on Saturday. He had 7 guys and 4 girls and I was a bit busy. He just doesn't have the hostess in him and he wanted me, if not to clean to pay for everything. Nice right ? Well 2 of the girls wanted to come back over and hang out with Keith and his friend Tyler tonight. I am trying to convince Keith that 2 girls and 2 boys is a double date. He really needs some help catching on when the girls flirt. Dave and I are convinced if the girls jumped on them naked they still wouldn't think they were flirting and interested. Poor girls ... they are working hard and the boys have no clue. So I thought I would share a older page I did of Keith ... he's handsome, smart and a hard worker ... but clueless when it comes to girls!!!! :) hahaha!!!!

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  1. He needs to take all my advice!!! lol. Did he go to that birthday party? Did the girls come back over? Go Keith! Maybe he needs another intervention...lol.