Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7/20 Basic Grey page and card kits

Basic Grey has always been one of my favorite paper lines and the longer I scrapbook the more I love them. I also really think the company is good at knowing what the average scrapper likes and they are great at getting it out there and into out busy hands. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about card kits. Well I am loving the card kits. If any of you have been to Hallmark lately to grab a card you will surely know what I am talking about when I say they are getting expensive! What is so nice about the card kits is you get everything you need to make 8 beautiful cards and includes the envelopes for $14.99 MSRP. Well now they are including page kits in their lineup.
Each kit includes everything you need to create 2 layouts ... that is a total of 4 pages for $17.99.Now one thing I did notice is they are pretty .... but kind of basic. So here is what I think ... why not use what they give you as a base and add some of your own touches.... flowers, bling, stickles, brads, buttons and ribbons. Just a little would make them so incredible. Here is the new page and card kits for Basic Grey's Oliver and Olivia line. I love them both and how cute are these kits???




  1. I LOVE the boy pages! I'm wondering if that's even a good deal...does it give you any savings by buying it all together? I know you'll have a bunch extra to make more pages...hmmm...

  2. Jacki has the page kit to do and I have the card kit. Both boy. Joy said she had another one of the page ones at the Gresham store if you are interested. I love the cards. I haven't done any of the pages, but the look pretty flat. Other than shipboards. I think some buttons and a little ribbons would make it so much better.... it's a good base page. Joy also has some extra of the one train paper it is striped on the other side. Only the one though... but you could be creative :)