Thursday, July 1, 2010

7/1 Layout

A couple years ago ... when Joy 4ever Scrapbooking still had open crops... Jacki and I decided to go to one. On the way there I had a idea for this page. Jacki just goes with the flow and says OK, I'm in... cuz I really think she has no idea what I am talking about when these crazy moments happen. So she just says oh ya ...and that would be great:)and hopes it all turns out.
With these pages I really wanted a black and white layout with a pop of color. I think I was probably after hot pink at first but went with the purple and aqua. Everything is black and white except the glitter paper. I cut a circle for the flower center and then penciled a petal and cut out a template, once I had the petal template then I traced and cut eight of them. I also added some small circles to the outside edge with assorted circle punches and a little bling here and there. I just love how they turned out and Love the pictures of Kami on these I think she was 6 or 7.

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  1. So these are them! I keep hearing about the pages from that day with the idea:) They are cute. I am still in awe of the ideas that pop into your head! You are awesome! I miss you!