Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/10 PDX Scrap Convention 9/25-9/26

Ok Girls here is the scoop on the Convention today. Jacki, Kamryn and myself all set out this evening to go to the scrap convention here this weekend. I have to say I was disappointed at the size but still managed to spend over $100. :) That is always easy for me ... but Jacki barely spent $20. I probably wouldn't have spent that much but I wanted to do some great kits for my upcoming crops... so I bought times 4 ...
everything!!! ( I spent about $130 divided by 4 = so really I only spent a little over $32 ) There was NO one there... and I mean NO ONE so it was nice to really look and not have to fight for anything. It also cost $8 to get in and $6 for parking. After you take that into account .... it just might not be worth the trip.
It only took us 2 hours to go through the entire thing too.... It is really small.
They did have a vendor who sold cricut carts... really good prices. He also sold a lot of great BoBunny and other paper lines. He was the first booth I went to and the one I spent the most at.
To sum it all up. For a couple hours out its a great idea. I did see some different paper lines and I had a great time with my friend. Did I find it worth the money? That is a tough one. I think for me yes, I spent enough to make it worth my while ... for Jacki I'm not sure if she found enough treasures.
Go at your own risk and remember I told you it is small and I warned you there isn't a whole lot you can't get at your local craft store.

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