Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Minds Eye Lil Robots

My Minds Eye

Lil' Robots Collection

I bought this collection some time ago and had it in my to do pile.

So at my last crop when my friend Nadia came with her to do pile... it got me thinking and I challenged her to make something with these pages.

I had bought basically everything in the photo above.

Plus I had bought the Cricut Robotz Cartridge.

( on-line for $14.95 I NEVER pay full price for cartridges!!! )

So the challenge, I gave her a bit of an idea I had all the MME goodies, and Kami

( my 15 year old daughter ) Kami would do a set of pages for me and she is

a master on the cricut! She cuts lots!!! :)

SO here is what they did....

Nadia's layout ( took all day :) she really got into the designing it! ) Kami's layout ( she cut and created the robot :) I'm sure you will agree with me ... they are both fabulous! I like them both so much and I'm glad they shared them so we can all see them! Nice job ladies!!!

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  1. Loved them and doing them;) Love all your challenges! xoxo