Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3/10 follow up

Tonight I thought I would follow up on something I blogger about earlier this year. At scrapbook convention I fell in love with these little film strips by awesome albums. So much so that I ordered more with some ladies from my scrapbook group. OK .... so here is what I think now. YOU SHOULD REALLY LOVE THEM if you want to order some. I placed an order on March 23 and Just got it on June 1. I e-mailed her several times as to where the order is and it got no got to the point where I got a bit nasty.(oops... me?:) Hey my order was $45 bucks...wouldn't you? I insisted that she call me or produce a refund or product and told her that if she didn't that on June 1st I would contact my bank and report the charges as fraud! Really ... it was over 60 days! So long story short...The product showed up on June
1st !!! Go figure... and I will not be ordering anymore and I hope that if you like them you will approach the purchase as a buyer beware and be prepared to wait for your order.


  1. That's horrible! I'm glad that you finally got them though.

  2. haha, I love you Nancy! Glad they're here! It has been a long time:)