Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 Layout

OMG ... all those days laying around in bed resting the days away with my mouth hurting are all through and I went back to work today. RATS!!! Bed was so much more fun:). I guess the only upside is the weather is still crappy. I can't wait for some sunshine and no more school. Only 11 more days! I can hear the hallelujah chorus... :)
I have 2 large wedding invitation orders to get done as soon as I can... and so I might be short the next few weeks .... also with those last days of school there is lots to do. Enjoy this Layout! Have a good Wednesday.... we are half way to the weekend! :)


  1. The flowers are so pretty! Feel better!

  2. We are so almost done with the school year!!!

  3. I am really feeling better, I am so disapointed in my blogging lately. Between teeth and the budget cuts for out school.... weather (rain and more rain) and then girl issues going on 6 weeks and I have wedding invitation orders. I am a busy girl! So sorry :(