Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricut Cartridges ... on SALE

I popped into Michaels today... and

guess what?

Cricut Cartridges are on sale for $34.95

for all their $59- $60 cartridges.

I really don't need any I have around 50 ... but at that price

couldn't I use just one more :)???

Well I got Paper Lace ...

What I like about this cartridge ( and it surprised me ) is

Each of the images you see here have 3 more different ones that accompany

each design button, for example the first one in the top left corner...

cuts 2 more different designs with the same button. REALLY COOL!

Plus each of the words... cut 3 different ways too! So

THANK you is 3 different looks total. There is also a font on the cartridge too!

This wasn't one I thought I wanted but I love the heart and a few on the

designs, so I broke down and decided to get it. Plus at that price

I gotta have it. ( I never pay full price )

Now that I did ... SUPER HAPPY!

** ( Gotta add if you have the cricut expressions and can cut 12x12 this cartridge cuts all those pretty lacy papers we have been paying lots of money for!!! )


  1. I'm really glad you got a new one…you kind of needed some. oh wait. You DON'T at all!!!! lol. But I love that you have them;)

  2. :) lol I do need more and more and more~ :) 50 just isn't enough!