Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a grandma!!!!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable....

We've adopted a baby and I think he is sssooo adorable.
His name is Bear and he is a 7 week old Miniature Australian Shepard. Kamryn is turning 15 on October 15th and all she wanted was a puppy. So we got her one!!! She thinks it the best thing ever.... well - we will see:) She has been up every day at 6 am and to bed at 10pm. He LOVES his mommy and wants her all day!!!! So mommy is BUSY!!! Mommy takes him potty every 20 minutes, mommy cleans up his boo boo's, baths, walks... mommy is doing it all!!!! :)
She is exhausted and I am sure she is getting quite the reality check. I keep telling her he's just like a baby, and baby's want mommy.... and they are a lot of work. Isn't this a great learning experience...NO BOYFRIENDS HERE :) hahaha!!!
I know I am not ready to be a grandma .... even though she tells Bear ... she's mama and I am grandma. :)

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